Faldas / Skirt

Ups! Hace varios dias que no subo algo. 
Una amiga esta hospitalizada y la he ido a ver y por eso mismo no he podido subir algo y ademas no me he sacado fotos a mis outfit. pero mañana sin falda subo algun outfit
Ultimamente he usado mucho unas faldas globos que tengo y que amo usarlas en verano y otoño. Aqui algunas que ve visto en tumblr y lookbook.nu.

Translated: Oops! For several days I will not upload anything.
A friend is hospitalized and I went to see and that is why I could not upload anything and also I have not taken photos of my outfit. but some go up tomorrow without skirt outfit
I used a lot lately balloon skirts that I have and I love to use them in summer and autumn. Here you see some tumblr and lookbook.nu seen.

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  1. hey :) thanks for always commenting my blog! i just wanted to say that i don't speak one word of your language :( but i can see that your comments are positive, so thanks a lot :)
    i also wanted to say, if you use my picture, can you please link it or show the source? :)

    thank you!
    Have a nice day xo

  2. Nice inspiration, I love flowers!


  3. I hope your friend will get well soon. I like those skirts - girly and pretty ;)
    Joanna from www.violinstyle.blogspot.com

    PS. Take a look at my new outift and follow me, if you like it ;)

  4. great summer skirts!

    1. Cute skirts! I like those prints :)

  5. These skirts are perfect for spring!!

    xx Heidi Caterina